Deep Art - Artwork Created With Artificial Intelligence

My artwork is the product of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It reveals insights into the structure and form of the world around us that would otherwise be hidden.

Recent advances in Machine Learning are proving remarkable. Not least because they have an unexpectedly wide application across our digitalised world. I have been involved in machine learning since I studied at Loughborough University many eons ago. Some of the mathematical models I developed had to run through the night before meaningful results were available. I now run more advanced models through AI frameworks like Tensorflow in moments. This current wave of AI achievement is extraordinary. 

Artificial Neural Networks is a basic model of our minds real intelligence. The model works by training a layered network of “neurons” to build a mapping between an input and an output. For example, a digital image of a cat could be the input and the output – a decision that a cat is a cat or not a cat. They can start by random guessing. On each guess the network adjusts how it has come to that decision based on how close it is to being correct. It's like playing the children's game hot and cold. By being informed of how warm each guess is, it is able to train itself and hone in on what does well. It does this by adjusting the connections each neuron has with the other neurons across the network. Strengthening those pathways which have been been more accurate and weakening those which are not.

The branch of AI I use allows different types of images to evolve into one another. Along the way, this process can be captured and visualised. The result is sometimes beautiful and sometimes surprising - but always original. 

AI art is an emerging art movement with enormous creative potential. However, most AI art is created from a handful of pre-trained models using canned data sets. This approach bypasses much of the creative and experimental potential of a purest approach to AI art which I practice.  

True machine learning is complex and time consuming - but it’s the only way to tap into the artistic gift AI offers. I believe that only by building distinct and original AI models and carefully curating the art they produce can this be achieved. 

The images used in sampling training datasets will determine what the machine “knows” about art. Even the rate of how the machine “learns” and the structure and design of the artificial neural network used, have a profound influence on the art the model is able to create. These are things which the artist needs to be aware of and know how to control and moderate their effect.

My approach is to fully embrace AI art’s creative power and it’s creative potential and opportunities. I want my work to be original and thought provoking and of its moment.

My art has been created from a palette of thousands of digital images. Take the time to study the artwork and find something special. 

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